West Cork Craft and Design Guild - A guide to some of Ireland's finest craftwork.

Buckskin and Chamois Medicine Clothes

Made from the softest Chamois leather or thick creamy Buckskin, these clothes are an experience! Sensual, luscious and powerful, they are designed for comfort and to make you feel wonderful.

There is a range of decorated Medicine Clothes, with fringing, beadwork, shells, precious stones, wood and burnwork - made with great love, intuition and weeks of creation.

All the bones and feathers have special meaning and bring energy and medicine of animals, birds and plants - collected naturally from years of travel, each shirt/dress is unique and brings a very special energy into your life - for empowerment, ritual, dance, special occasions and for just wearig!

Sally also does a range of more simple designed Chamois and leather clothes, which are just as luscious to wear and can be as decorated as you choose. Also beautiful leather cushions with simple shells and burnwork or plain with only fringing - soft unique furnishings.

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