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Jim Turner

Jim is currently developing a new range of extruded pottery which is funky and fun with the emphasis on bright, striped decoration and quirky shapes. All work is slip-glazed and fired to 1300°C.

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He still produces trophy sculptural forms, but the surface treatment is moving from a dry, 'volcanic' glaze towards a wood-fired, salt glaze. Jim explores new directions in ceramic art, combining skilled work and an element of chance, with extraordinary results - true serendipity. His work is a counter-weight to some of the bland bulk ceramics being produced today. The individual creativity of the craftsman is once more liberated.

Commissions welcome.
Studio open Mon - Fri: 10.30am - 6.00pm

Rossmore Country Pottery • Clonakilty • West Cork • Ireland

Tel + Fax: 023 - 38875

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