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3-in-1 Multi Groomer From Braun You'd Love

Feb 092018

Like many men in their fourth decade, or elderly, the idea of male dressing was a taboo topic for me -- until lately.  How attitudes and styles have changed. According to menswear website Mr. Porter, sales of men's grooming and beauty products tripled in 2015. Trend analyst Datamonitor reports that 52 percent of male users around the world consider their look to be either important or very important, with 29 percent touching up their appearances during the day. So the contemporary man is equally sensitive in addition to strong. And the taming facial hair is one of the major manscaping tasks for the contemporary gent. Luckily, Braun's new Multi Groomer ensures that my facial hair is a cut above its former level, meaning that I can keep up with the most recent grooming trends. "Taming facial hair is one of the major manscaping tasks for the contemporary gent ." The hand-held three-in-one tool, which may (moist and dry) shave, trim and style, enables me to sculpt my unique "look" (Mrs. Pickup is raising an eyebrow here) immediately, dependent on my mood, or the circumstance.

undefinedPrimping our hair and performing some last-minute tidying before going out is exactly what 55 percent of us modern men do, according to Braun, that has been producing electric shavers since the Fifties. Therefore it makes sense to get a device which not only handles all of your facial hairdressing but also trims the period of time -- the one product you can not purchase -- it requires to look your best. "I began my grooming routine with a shave, and discovered it glided effortlessly, with no nicks and abrasions."After vigorous testing, I'm very happy to report that the Braun Multi Groomer is the only gadget that a man should look fantastic, irrespective of where he sits on the hirsuteness scale. The cordless shaving apparatus, Braun's latest eye generation of Multi Groomer, was able to easily take care of precise beard styling.

Of course, you are able to enjoy a clean shave, also; the extra-wide head makes for a smooth and clean shave in just a couple strokes.
And being 100 percent watertight, this is an activity one can appreciate from the shower if you so wish (I did not trust myself shaving blind).
I began my new grooming routine with a shave and discovered it glided effortlessly, with no nicks and abrasions. Switching to the trimming tool I shaped my beard with precision and simplicity, utilizing the styler for finishing touches.  Now there isn't any excuse for unkempt bristles.



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