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Gana Roberts

"Love of colour is my first motivation. I worked in textiles for many years, making felt rugs and wall-hangings. Now I spend most of my time at mosaic, producing tables, chairs, mirrors, wall pieces and sculptural objects. My mosaic is made from ceramic tiles which I hand-paint and kiln-fire before arranging and shaping to form a particular design. I enjoy the painting as much as the jigsaw work of mosaicking.

"My latest interest is to work with kiln-formed art glass. This involves laying up a design in coloured glass which I heat in the kiln until, becoming molten, it fuses into a single piece. This process is undergone once or repeatedly. The piece is then ground and polished before being placed over a mould and heated until the glass bends, or 'slumps', into the shape of the mould. It's possible in this way to make bowls, lights and sculptural pieces.

"I also do kiln-casting by the lost-wax method to produce solid-glass pieces. Making glass in the kiln is a detailed and complex process, yet the versatility it offers in terms of form, texture and colour is unique."

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